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Best Aquaculture Book: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants

Best Aquaculture Book is a comprehensive guide that you need to get your hands on as you take the journey of aquaculture. The title is Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, Third Edition. The book is edited by John S. Lucas, Paul C. Southgate and Craig S. Tucker. This newly updated edition is packed with essential information that will enhance your knowledge and skills in aquaculture. Let’s dive into what makes this book a must-read!

The Importance of Aquaculture

Aquaculture plays a vital role in supporting food security, livelihoods, and economic development globally. With the growing demand for sustainable food sources, understanding aquaculture is more crucial than ever. This best aquaculture book offers a clear illustration of how aquaculture contributes to these important areas.

Comprehensive Coverage

This third edition covers a wide range of topics critical to aquaculture. They include:

– Principles of Aquaculture

Learn the fundamental concepts that underpin successful aquaculture practices.

– Water Quality

Understand the importance of maintaining optimal water conditions for the health and growth of aquatic organisms.

From my personal experience, poor water quality can destroy your full fish farm. I have had instances where I lost almost 1000 fish in a pond due to poor water quality. You may read an article I published about that experience. 

That is why you need to learn more bout water management through this comprehensive and Best Aquaculture Book.

– Environmental Impacts

Explore the effects of aquaculture on the environment and how to mitigate negative impacts.

– Desert Aquaculture

Discover innovative techniques for farming in arid regions.

– Reproduction and Life Cycles

Gain insights into the breeding and growth processes of various aquatic species.

– Genetics and Stock Improvement

Learn about advancements in genetic selection and breeding to improve stock quality.

– Nutrition and Feed Production: Understand the nutritional requirements of aquatic animals and the production of high-quality feed.

Most losses and profits in aquaculture come from feed and nutrition. The kind of feed to give your aqualife, how to feed them, and time to feed them. All these are covered in this book.

– Diseases and Vaccination: Identify common diseases and explore methods for prevention and treatment.

– Post-Harvest Technology: Learn about the latest technologies for processing and preserving aquatic products. Since fish is perishable, learning how to process and preserve will save you from great losses. 

– Economics and Marketing: Get an overview of the economic aspects and market trends in aquaculture.

– Future Developments: Stay ahead with insights into the future directions of aquaculture.

In-Depth Species Coverage

The book dedicates separate chapters to the culture of various species, including:

– Algae

– Carps

– Salmonids

– Tilapias

– Catfish

– Marine and Brackish Fishes

– Soft-Shelled Turtles

– Barramundi

– Marine Shrimp

– Mitten Crabs and Other Decapod Crustaceans

– Bivalves and Gastropods

– Ornamental Species

This detailed Best Aquaculture Book ensures that you have all the information you need, no matter which species you are interested in.

Focus on China

Reflecting the significant role of China in global aquaculture, this edition provides greater coverage of aquaculture practices and developments in China. This is crucial for understanding the global landscape of the industry.

Expert Contributions

With contributions from 35 internationally recognized experts, including several new authors, this book is a treasure trove of knowledge. Each contributor brings their expertise, ensuring that the information is both scientifically robust and practically useful.

Why You Should Read This Book

– Stay Updated: The book describes the multitude of developments that have occurred within the aquaculture field over the last 15 years.

– Revised and Extended Coverage: This includes a major revision of production statistics and trends, discussion of technical developments, and broader international authorship.

– Core Scientific and Commercial Information: It provides core scientific knowledge as well as commercially useful information.

Best Aquaculture Book review

Who Should Read This Book?

– Students: It’s a recommended text for students studying aquaculture.

– Professionals: A concise reference for those working in or entering the industry.

– Fish Farmers and Hatchery Managers: Packed with practical information for day-to-day operations.

– Supply Industry Professionals: Valuable insights for those involved in feed manufacturing and other support industries.

Get Your Copy Today!

If you’re serious about aquaculture, Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, Third Edition is a book you cannot afford to miss. Its comprehensive and up-to-date content makes it an essential resource for anyone involved in the industry. 

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Best Aquaculture Book with the title Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, Third Edition an affordable book with a low price considering what it entails. You can get a copy as low as USD100 and sometimes you will be given a discount. 


Best Aquaculture Book is highly recommended for both beginners and experienced aquaculturists. Whether you are a student, professional, commercial farmer, or hobbyist, having this book in your library would help you tremendously

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