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Best 8 Aquaculture Experts To Scale Up Your Fish Farm

Best Aquaculture Experts is something every fish farmer must know about to be a source of relief in cases of emergency. Not only should you contact the best aquaculture experts in case of emergency but always consult them to learn more about your fish farming and other aquaculture business to maximize profit.

There was a day I lost over 600 fish in my fish Pond due to poor water quality, depletion of oxygen and accumulation of ammonia. I lost almost all the fish in that pond due to the stated reason but as a beginner at the time, I didn’t know. Find out more in this blog post.

After consulting the best aquaculture experts, I never lost a single fish in the remaining pond till I harvested them. The fish ponds were two with the same capacity. 

Importance of Consulting Best Aquaculture Expert

Consulting an aquaculture expert is crucial for fish farmers as it provides access to specialized knowledge and expertise. The outstanding reasons include;  Improved productivity and efficiency, Enhanced fish health and welfare, Better disease management and prevention, Optimal feeding and nutrition strategies, Effective water quality management, Increased profitability and sustainability,  Access to the latest technologies and best practices, Improved marketability and compliance with regulations, and Reduced environmental impact and improved ecosystem management.

Aquaculture experts provide guidance on:

Fish species selection and breeding, Pond design and management, Water quality monitoring and management, Feeding and nutrition strategies, Disease diagnosis and management, Marketing and sales strategies, and Regulatory compliance and certification

By consulting an aquaculture expert, fish farmers can overcome challenges, improve their operations, and ensure a sustainable and profitable business.

Due to my experience of consulting aquaculture experts, I recommend the best 8 aquaculture experts to select the one which you prefer. 

I have carefully selected them on the Fiverr freelancer platform due to my experience as a fish farmer.

Below is the list of each aquaculture expert and their field of expertise. Kindly go through and choose the one that best fits your preference and thank me later.

Abraham (From Nigeria, Languages Speak: English, Igbo, Spanish, French)

Abraham as Aquaculture Expert

Image Source

Why Choose Abraham

Abraham is a skilled fisheries and aquaculture graduate with 7 years of hands-on experience. He plans, designs, or builds a strategy for your aquaculture startup or project, implementing sustainable practices and ensuring environmental conservation. 

also, he is an expert in aquaponics and Android development. He brings innovation to agriculture and tech. 

Abraham is Fluent in multiple languages and ensures seamless communication. Adept in biometrics and population dynamics, he offers a unique perspective. Whether initiating, designing, or advancing aquaculture or tech projects, Abraham as the best aquaculture expert delivers tailored, exceptional results

About Abraham Aquaculture Expertise 

As a fish farmer, you need to understand how ammonia is formed and transformed. Ensure a healthy aquatic environment for your fish or shellfish with expert guidance on eliminating toxic pond ammonia and nitrite that build up and result in mass mortality of cultured species.

Ammonia is toxic and deadly in fish farming and causes thousands of fish loss in fish farms. These are the reasons is important to control. That is the reason you should seek the best aquaculture experts ammonia to give you advice and help you control to maximize profit. 

I have lost 1000s of fish in my farm due to ammonia concentration before discovering the ins and outs so I’m talking based on experience. 

You need to invest in knowledge to maintain optimal water conditions and quality with risks of mass death eliminated.

Abraham offers an exclusive “Offer for Early Clients”: Be among the first 10 clients, and enjoy a consistent pricing advantage. Your rate remains unchanged, even as he adjusts prices for new clients.

He has an In-depth understanding of pond management, and water chemistry, specifically addressing ammonia issues.

Key Benefits: Improve water quality, enhance aquatic life, and receive tailored solutions for your pond.

Target Audience: Pond owners, aquarists, and those facing ammonia-related challenges in water bodies, such as algal crashes, eutrophication, and foul rotten smell of water body

Abraham has this to tell you “I will remove toxic ammonia and nitrite from your ponds”

Price Plan

Basic ($100): GreenAqua Innovate. Quick one time fix, drops substance level to the recommended limit

Standard ($250): AquaGuard Essential. Beginner-friendly package ensuring effective ammonia control for a healthy aquaculture.

Premium ($365): Aquacare Pro. Description: Advanced aquaculture solution for optimal water quality and ammonia management.

Abraham Aquaculture Expert Price price plan

Abraham Aquaculture Expert Price  price plan 1

Abraham also Plans and Designs Fish Farm

“I can help you kickstart your Aquaculture career by planning and designing a small fish farm for you, with a start-up cost of $6000, generating around $168,000 in annual revenue”

What You Get Working With Us:

1. You will get a cost breakdown of your investments.

2. Educational Expertise: Deep understanding of fish biology, habitat management, and sustainable aquaculture.

3. Proven Practical Experience: 5+ years executing diverse local projects, turning dreams into reality.

4. Tailored Designs: Whether a first-timer or expanding, my designs should match your goals.

5. Species and Polyculture: From transitioning between species to exploring polyculture, my expertise ensures thriving environments.

6. Management Assistance: Guidance on existing projects or initiating new ventures; I will support you at every stage.

Info We Need:

1. Project Scope: Tell me if it’s a standalone project or part of an aquaponics system

2. Experience Level: Newcomer or experienced? Tailoring my guidance to your needs.

3. Species and Goals: Specify target species and goals for personalized help

4. Scalability Options: Clarify your project scale, whether personal or full-scale business.

Price Plan

Basic ($500): Foundational Aquaculture Package. Expert Consultation on Fundamental Practice Tailored for a small farm(less than 1000 fish)

Standard ($900): Advanced Aquaculture Package. Analysis of Current Practice, Growth Strategy, Implementing Ongoing Support and progress monitoring Premium ($1,500): Premium Aquatic Mastery Package. Best practice Aquaculture, Advanced Techniques for Optimal Yields Personalized 10hr/7 days support

Fish Farming Expert price list

For your quality Fish Feed formulation, you are covered again with Abraham

About Abraham Fish Feed Formulation

Premium Fish/Crustacean Feed Solutions!

Elevate your aquaculture with our top-tier fish feed expertise. Our team, backed by degrees in Fisheries and over 5 years of hands-on experience, delivers tailored solutions to optimize your fish nutrition.

Why Choose Abraham for Your Fish Feed Formulation

1. Educational Excellence: Fisheries degrees ensure in-depth knowledge of fish nutrition and health.

2. Proven Practical Expertise: Over 5 years crafting effective fish feed solutions for diverse aquaculture projects.

3. Tailored Formulations: Whether for specific species or general use, our feed is customized to meet your fish’s nutritional needs.

4. Quality Ingredients: We source and blend high-quality ingredients for optimal fish growth and health.

5. Continuous Support: From initial implementation to ongoing management, we provide guidance for your fish feed strategy.

Exclusive Offer for Early Clients

– Be among our first 10 clients to secure exclusive pricing stability. Your rates stay fixed, shielding you from future adjustments.


1. Fish Species: Specify your cultivated species for precise feed formulations.

2. Feed Practices: Share current methods for tailored improvements.

3. Production scale

Price Plan

Basic ($100): Foundational Feed Formula. Customized feed formulation for one specific species. Ingredient list and recommended feeding

Standard ($175): Advanced Growth Blend. Customized feed formulation for up to two different species. In-depth nutritional analysis

Premium ($260): Ultimate Nutrient Fusion. Tailored feed formulations for three different species. Advanced nutritional profiling for optimal

Check out the prices in the below images with details.

aquaculture expert price for Abraham

Afifa K (From: Bangladesh, Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi, Arabic)

Afifa as aquaculture expert profile

Afifa K is a professional economist, who has done M.S.S in economics and is a full-time consultant in the micro-credit business. He is a digital marketing manager.

Are you looking for someone who can handle full digital marketing? He will provide the best digital marketing services for you. This will help you take your fish farming business or aquaculture to the apex.

Afifa K has successfully completed more than 100 projects. This means he has the experience to execute an excellent job for you should you reach out to her.

About Afifa K Services as Aquaculture Expert

Are you passionate about fish farming but not sure where to start? Do not look Back! Afifa K has 5 years of experience and complete expertise in fish farming. He is here to assist you, so take that opportunity.

What Afifa Offers as an Aquaculture Expert

Customized Farming Plans: Whether you’re interested in freshwater or saltwater species, He’ll tailor a comprehensive farming plan to suit your goals, budget, and available space. This is the starting point of every business including aquaculture. That is getting a comprehensive business plan. You got covered as Afifa has the best offer as an Aquaculture Expert. 

Species Selection Advice: You should note that selecting the best species for your fish farm is fundamental if you intend to make a profit. Not all fish species are the same. Every fish species has its advantages and limitations. So selection is done based on the purpose of the operation. Consulting an experienced fish farmer or aquaculture expert can help you out with a grateful decision.

Not sure which fish species are best suited for your farm? You would be provided detailed recommendations based on factors such as water quality, climate, and market demand.

Water Management Strategies: Maintaining optimal water quality is crucial for the health and growth of your fish. Afifa K shall share expert tips and techniques for effective water management, including filtration, aeration, and monitoring.

Feeding Regimens: Proper nutrition is essential for maximizing growth and minimizing waste. Best Aquaculture Expert will design a feeding regimen tailored to the nutritional needs of your chosen fish species, ensuring optimal health and productivity.

Afifa K said “I will teach you the techniques of profitable fish farming on a large scale”

Let’s work together to turn your fish farming dreams into reality! Contact the best aquaculture expert today to get started.

Price Plan

Basic ($250): Fish Farming Projects in 1 to 2-acre Ponds

Standard ($700): Fish Farming Projects in 3 to 10-acre Ponds

Premium ($8,000): Fish Farming Projects in 10 to 10,000 acre Ponds

Price List Below

Afifa as aquaculture expert consulting prices

Mohsin (from: Pakistan, Languages: Urdu, Punjabi, English, Hindi)

“I will write a farming agriculture business plan for startups”

Mohsin real name is Rana Ammara, his qualification is PIPFA which is a member body of IFAC (International Federation Of Accountants). Mouse with Cima, Acca, Cipfa, and other professional bodies. 

He has more than 3 years of experience as a professional accountant and business analyst. currently, he is working as an auditor in AGP Pakistan. He is willing to take on any project related to accounts and finance. His expertise includes business plans, QuickBooks Online, bookkeeping, business contracts and legal writing, financial modeling, virtual assistant on Amazon, eBay, etc, and e-commerce.

About His Project

“Are you looking to launch or expand your agriculture farming venture? Look no further I offer expert agriculture business plan writing services tailored to your needs. With a strong focus on sustainability and the latest farming practices, I can help you succeed in a wide range of agricultural sectors.”

Sustainable Farming

Whether you’re into quail farming or biofloc fish farming, sustainability is the key to long-term success. His business plans emphasize eco-friendly practices and resource efficiency. From indoor and vertical farming to greenhouse farming and aeroponic farming. He specializes in creating plans that harness the latest technologies for optimal results. 

Looking to venture into niche markets? Mohsin can craft plans for dragon fruit farming, pearl farming, pumpkin farming, and more. 

For livestock enthusiasts, his services extend to snail farming, beekeeping, shrimp farming, and even ostrich farming. 

From chicks hatchery to turkey farming, he got your poultry needs covered. Dairy farming, goat farming, and fodder farming? He has done it all. With a strong background in finance and market analysis, I ensure your business plan is geared toward profitability and growth.

Checkout for a sample of his project HERE

Mohsin aquaculture expert price plan

Mohsin aquaculture expert price plan

Nh Games (From: Bangladesh, Languages: English, Bengali, Russian, Hindi)

Fish farming expert

Image source

“I will write a splendid blog or article on aquarium fish pond or paludarium”

About Gh Games and Best Aquaculture

Gh Games is an expert in ponds, tanks, and aquariums. What you’re looking for? He is here to offer the very best services. Also provides the best content for your blog, magazine, and website.

He has extensive knowledge of fish feeding, breeding, and lifestyle as a professional aquarist. 

As a result, he has the complete authority to write on any subject relating to aquariums, tanks, ponds, aquaculture, marine fish, freshwater fish, ornamental fish, fish species, fish feed, fish diseases, fish breeding, fish behavior in various environments, underwater landscaping, and aquarium, tank, and pond maintenance.

“I can write in a variety of styles depending on the needs of the readers as a writer and researcher.”

For your aquaculture writeups, it could be marketing your fish or publication on your website, you are covered. Below are the criteria for the content. 

Rapid Response

SEO-friendly content

Plagiarism-free with no grammatical mistakes

Engaging material

“Note: Please get in touch with me.” A MESSAGE IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO PLACING THE ORDER.

Price Plan include 

Basic: ($5) and the package  is 500 words of thorough, original, and well-researched information

Standard: ($10) with the package as 1000 words of thorough, high-quality, and well-researched information

Premium: ($15) and the package is 1500 words of thorough, meticulously researched, and superior content

Nh Aqucucuture expert prices

Jino S (From: India, Language: English)

Jino S as Fish farming expert

Image source

“I will write great articles on aquariums and fishes”

About Jino S as Aquaculture Expert

Premium Aquarium Content Writer: Fish Profiles, How-tos, Equipment Reviews & More

Dive deep into the aquatic world with content that bubbles with vibrancy and passion! As an enthusiast of the fish-keeping hobby, I bring the underwater realm to life through words, turning your platform into an ocean of knowledge.

Why Jino S

Jino has been delivering high-quality content and web development projects for some time now. He has a degree in Engineering in Software which allows him to understand how the web works and therefore shape his content, design a website, or optimize it in such a way that it attracts a lot of traffic. This makes him qualify as the best aquaculture expert. Find more below:

– Aquatic Expertise: “My 15-year history in the aquarium hobby has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge that can only be obtained with time”

– Versatile Content: Whether you need detailed fish or plant profiles, comprehensive equipment reviews, or easy-to-follow how-tos, I’ve got you covered.

– Quality Promise: Every piece 

 craft ensures thorough research, captivating engagement, and a reflection of your brand’s voice.

Ideal For:

Aquarium blogs, eCommerce sites, hobbyist forums, YouTube channels, and any platform that thrives on the beauty and intricacy of the aquatic world.

What’s More?

Your readers will swim effortlessly through topics, guided by content that’s clear, informative, and genuinely passionate about the fish-keeping hobby.

Reach out now and let’s make waves together in the vast ocean of the fish-keeping hobby!

Aquaculture expert price list below

Aquaculture expert price list

Tobias (From: Germany, Language: English, German)

Tobias Aquaculture Expert

Image source

“I will give advice about aquariums, aquascaping, fishes, and plants”

About Tobias as an Aquaculture Expert

He is a professional aquarist, aquascaper, and fish keeper with more than 20 years of experience and will help you with everything about your aquarium or aquascape. With over 5 years of experience in professional consulting of aquariums and their setup in one of the largest pet stores in Germany, he can help you with the composition of your new aquarium or with any problems with it.

Important about the service

“My service starts at $5. This includes my help with one question. For complete setups, I will make you an individual offer. Please contact me, before you need help with a bigger request.”

He can help you with:

  • Questions about animal stocking (fish, shrimps, snails)
  • Questions about the setup like planting and hardscape
  • Questions about the best technique to use (filter, light, heater, CO2)
  • Compilation of a complete setup that is perfectly coordinated with each other
  • Advice on how to proceed when setting up a new aquarium
  • Care measures like cleaning, fertilization, care of the plants
  • Procedure in case of fish diseases or algae problems

and much more.

Price Plan

Basic ($10): Save up to 10% with Subscribe to Save. Small article 500 words

Standard ($20): Save up to 10% with Subscribe to Save. Medium-length article 1000 words

Premium ($30): Save up to 10% with Subscribe to Save. Highly descriptive article 1500 words

Checkout this image as sample of his work

Tobia Aquaculture expert sample work

Gabtech (From: Nigeria, Languages: English)

GabTech aquaculture experts

Image source

“Hi, I am Gabriel. A digital marketing and sales funnel expert with up to 5 years of experience in working with small and large businesses in various niches from solar company, to credit repair company, I’m adept at generating leads and transforming them into loyal customers. Feel free to message me with any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time!”

About Gabtech as an Aquaculture Expert


Are you ready to Dive into having a well-designed aquariums website and aquaponics website with captivating Custom layouts, and dynamic galleries that truly make a splash? As a seasoned web designer specializing in aquatic-themed websites, Gabtech is here to transform your vision into a stunning digital reality.

I can create your site with the following features-

  • uncheckedResponsive designs
  • uncheckedE-commerce functions
  • uncheckedBooking functionality
  • uncheckedPayment gateway integration
  • uncheckedSocial media platform(s) integration
  • uncheckedSEO ( technical or on-page )
  • uncheckedBlogs
  • uncheckedDynamic Pages

Why Choose Gabtech?

Creative and Professional Designs

Quick Communication..

24/7 Service.

TOP quality and 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Price Plan

Basic ($100): 1 Will Design A Responsive Aquarium One Page Website + Leads Capture Form + Reviews

Standard ($275): 5 fully aquaponics functional website + booking + site security+ live chat + blog page

Premium ($345): MY STANDARD PACKAGE + Email Automation + publicity

Checkout full image 

Gabtech price list of fish farming expert

Noor Ahmed (From: Egypt, Languages: Arabic, English)

Noor Ahmed Aquaculture Expert

Image Source

“Welcome to My Aquaculture Consultancy Services! With over 7 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, I offer professional consultancy services tailored to your needs. As an aquaculture consultant, I specialize in managing, designing, and conducting market research for aquaculture projects of all scales”

About Ahmed Aquaculture Expertise

He can do your market research, technical research, small-scale feasibility studies, technical article writing, project enhancement, and anything related to the field of aquaculture or fisheries whether you are a project owner or researcher.

He has had an experience more than +6 years in the field of aquaculture as an aquaculture farm operation manager and senior consultant for various projects related to aquaculture.

Price Plan

Basic ($70): This concerns market research, technical writing, small feasibility study

Standard ($120): This concerns market research, technical writing, small feasibility study

Premium ($180): This concerns market research, technical writing, small feasibility study

Check out more through the image

Noor Ahmed as Fish Farming Expert price plan

Another Offer By Noor Ahmed is the Building of the RAS System

He says “I will design technical and outline frame for RAS fish and shrimp farm”


Price Plan Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

Basic ($150): 

Standard ($250)

Premium ($400)

Detail below

Noor Ahmed Aquareculture Expert RAS price plan

How To Sign Up to Any of  Aquaculture Experts

Simply click on any of the links after each of the experts among the best 8 aquaculture experts and it will take you to their respective profiles in the Fiverr Freelancer Platform

When you land on the page, you can. Simple sign up with your Gmail account, Apple account, or email.

Then go through the service and select your preferred one. You can search and get multiple aquaculture experts even more than the stated ones.


If you are indecisive about the experts to choose from the best 8 aquaculture experts due to how I enumerate them, then I can recommend Abraham to you. 

I recommend Abraham among the best 10 aquaculture experts because he has vast experience and multitasking. He can plan give you an aquaculture business plan, design your fish farm or pond, formulate your fish feed, and others.

All of the above-mentioned best 8 aquaculture experts are capable of serving as consultants to you as a fish farmer. 


Consulting fish farming experts is Paramount to the success of your fish farm. Therefore consider contacting an expert from the best 8 aquaculture experts to skyrocket your aquaculture business.

Abdul Aziz Issah
Abdul Aziz Issah

With a solid background in fish farm management, I’ve successfully established and operated a flourishing fish farm for about a year now. Over this period, I have gained invaluable experience that I am eager to share with fish farmers, whether they are beginners or seasoned experts.

This blog is dedicated to empowering fish farmers to maximize their profits through the pool of knowledge and practical insights I will be sharing. Whether you are venturing into fish farming for commercial purposes or as a hobby, you have come to the right place. I am here to guide you every step of the way.

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